There is always a war that goes on between paid and unpaid internships, so we thought to experiment with “Paid Internship” but we tweaked it a bit.

We kept the time duration short and the incentive of 1000 INR

There was one more thing that we changed in the process of applying for this internship.

If you are an applicant for this internship, you have to create a proof of work on any of the given project ideas, and then only you will be eligible to apply for this internship.

We didn’t expect this will work out, because the applicant had to put in extra hard work just to apply for this internship. But, once we announced it, we started getting applicants

By the end of one week after the announcement, we received 75 applications out of which 27 applicants applied with proof of work.

Can you guess how many interns we hired at the end of this campaign?

Since we received multiple quality proof of work, we asked multiple people if they would be interested in joining us as an extern(unpaid internship).

And, lastly, we onboarded 8 new members to the team.